Introducing Patron

Announcing Patron Fund I: $90M to invest in the convergence of games, consumer, and Web 3.

We are proud to debut Patron.

Patron is an early-stage venture firm leading seed rounds across gaming & consumer internet startups.

The Spectrum of Play is our conviction that games will shape the future. We believe that the most significant opportunities in games will converge into Web 3 (P2E/NFTs) and consumer categories such as education, fitness, personal finance, and more. And these will be built for the gaming-natives who intuitively get games like Roblox, Axie Infinity, and RuneScape, as well as consumer apps like Discord, TikTok, Robinhood, and digital assets such as NFTs and crypto.

Our take is that games will be the most significant consumer on-ramp to Web 3, and now is the perfect time to get started. In addition, we feel strongly that Play-to-Earn and NFT-powered games are some of the most exciting developments in our space. For this reason, we will allocate a significant amount of our capital towards investing in Web 3 native projects and tokens.

Patron I, our $90m debut seed fund, raised in four months entirely via Zoom, is backed by a prolific roster of investors, founders, and builders across gaming, consumer, and Web 3. We are grateful to have 100+ mission-aligned individual LPs who add incredible value and are anchored by one of the best VC fund investors, Horsley Bridge. We aim to be the best-in-class early-stage partner to founders and multi-stage VCs who are excited about our space.

Patron is purpose-built to answer what founders of today want from a leading seed fund: Investors who get the space and have actual domain experience and make a significant impact across building, hiring, and fundraising early. Brian and I spent over ten years each across Riot Games, FirstMark Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, and the early stage is where we specialize.

Patron will invest globally and lead/co-lead opportunities at the seed stage. We are taking the high conviction + concentrated portfolio model — meaning we aim for quality over quantity and do the support work needed for our portfolio companies to reach their next milestone.

If you are a founder, our DMs are open – let’s talk! We’ve already started backing some incredible founders and are excited to get to work.

Brian and I also plan to be more active on Twitter, so please follow us both below for future updates!



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