Our Investment in Arya

Today, we are excited to announce that we have co-led the seed round for Arya, the AI-powered concierge platform reimagining wellness, starting with couples’ intimacy.

Arya arrives at a critical moment when many couples are seeking support in their relationships. In the US, of the approximately 130 million couples, 25% admit to cheating, and 40% of marriages end in divorce. The foundation of any healthy relationship—communication, trust, and intimacy—is often hard to maintain, with limited effective solutions available. While therapy has grown into a $21 billion market, it’s expensive and typically only sought as a last resort. Online therapy options and mindfulness apps have not directly addressed the most pressing relationship-specific issues.

Intimacy remains a largely underserved market, with stigma and taboo still surrounding it. Many people turn to anonymous forums like Reddit for advice, which is neither scientifically backed nor personalized.

Arya is changing this by creating a new market for this massively underserved consumer base. As a digital subscription service, Arya helps couples connect in a fun, game-like way. It curates personalized experiences and turns exploration into a way of life. Founded in 2023 by serial entrepreneurs Offer Yehudai and Tomer Magid, with a mission to help good couples become great by making it easier than ever to connect and explore with your partner. 

Arya’s hybrid physical and digital subscription reimagines intimacy and connection through an AI-driven concierge, offering immersive personalized content ‘scenes’ for couples to explore, along with a box of surprise objects that correlate with each scene. Arya’s innovative model blends artificial intelligence with personalized elements designed to nurture genuine human connections. It transforms relationship health into an engaging and enjoyable game, making it both fun and meaningful. 

While Arya is still in open beta, thousands of couples across the US have already subscribed and are recommending it to their friends. Remarkably, the team has quickly tripled their ARR to $1.5 million. With impressive engagement metrics, including a six-month user retention rate of 50% and weekly usage at 45%, their early-stage solution is clearly effective.

With the addition of renowned sex educator and intimacy expert Shan Boodrum as Chief Intimacy Officer, couples can expect expert guidance and encouragement to reach their relationship goals. At Patron, we believe play is the best way to learn, explore, and have fun, and that games will reshape many of our day-to-day consumer interactions for the better, creating ritualized experiences that couples look forward to.

We’re thrilled to join forces with Offer, Tomer, and Shan as they pave the way for a groundbreaking wellness platform. Their team and vision are poised to redefine couples’ health, addressing a critical need in today’s wellness landscape.

Discover Arya today.

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